Contact information

  • Mike Dotty
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +356 99100291 (Timezone: UTC+1)

Professional Summary

I am an experienced software engineer, with background in server automation, cloud infrastructure and server-side architecture.

I have experience being a technical leader, with deep expertise in the following areas:

  • setting up full cycle development process, from requirements gathering to operations,
  • providing technical guidance/governance,
  • managing organizational and technical complexity.

I’m open to both contract and full-time opportunities.

Professional Experience

Ridge (2018—Present)

Lead Engineer.

Ridge developed and operates a distributed IaaS/PaaS cloud:

  • Workloads run across hundreds of globally dispersed data centers,
  • A new data center can be added to the system within minutes to hours,
  • IaaS offers computing workloads, network isolation, IP management, load balancing and persistent storage.
  • PaaS offers managed Kubernetes, managed containers and managed object storage.

My roles comprised software architect, technical leader and software engineer.

Key achievements:

  • Devised a unique software architecture, reducing the project’s complexity and negating the need for a large team to deliver full functionality in a timely manner.
  • Introduced and optimised design, development, testing and operational processes to utilize our limited resources optimally.
  • Oversaw the design and mentored the team.
  • Implemented a significant portion of the system.

Consequently, a compact engineering team, 10 engineers on average, could rapidly deliver the required functionality.

Hola! / Luminati (2013—2018)

Staff software engineer.

  • Enhanced the availability of performance information for Hola services by implementing centralized application-level logging and metrics.
  • Developed internal and user-facing statistical dashboards for Hola VPN and Hola Spark CDN.
  • Created a custom in-memory database to track the status of 1M+ peers of the Luminati network, reducing hardware costs by 8x compared to off-the-shelf databases.

CFEngine (2011-2013)

Server automation suite.

Senior software engineer.

OpenInkpot (2007-2012)

Open source Linux distribution for eBook readers.

Founder, software developer, product manager, project manager.

Parallels (2004-2007)

Software engineer in Plesk for Unix project

  • Developed a tool transferring content from competing hosting panels to Plesk.
  • Developed a backup system for Plesk for Unix.

Software Architect in OpenFusion project

Open source contributions

I contribute to various open-source projects, including notable ones such as Linux, GNOME, VLC and Busybox.

Some of my code can be found on most Linux machines. If you are using a desktop Linux system, you might consider executing man 1 unshare and referring to the AUTHORS section.

Other Professional Experiences

From To Name Description
2009 2010 IPlinux Design and implementation of companion project for OpenInkpot
2007 2009 ALT Linux Maintenance of infrastructure and documentation for development team
2003 2004 Axmor R&D work for IBM
2003 2003 Novosoft Internship, a billing system based on Cisco NetFlow.

Education and Achievements

  • Finalist of International Collegiate Programmin Contest (ICPC) in 2004.
  • MSc in CS, with honors. Novosibirsk State University, 2000-2005.
  • Systems Theory and Systems Management courses. Systems Management School, 2018-2020.


Go, Kafka, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Terraform, C, Linux, Debian, Korn-like shells, POSIX/SUSv3, Javascript, Node.js, Python, git, CFEngine, MongoDB, various Internet protocols, REST, ElasticSearch, AWS, Clojure, various Unices, Django, SQLite, PostgreSQL.