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CFEngine, Debian

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ALT Linux, bdrsync, Enlightenment, libid3v1, libsha1, libssh2, lxc-goodies,, pychm, re-frisk, rspamd+rmilter, Trac Hacks, x2x

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Attest, Boost, buddy-sign, Buildbot, BusyBox, byteflow, cdnjs, Celery, cgit, CIDER, Clang, Clojure, CoolReader, Cyrax, dc.js, eclus, fakeroot, fontconfig, GLib, GNOME, Go, gostatic, Homebrew Cask, libusb, Linux, LiveReload, Loki, LuaRocks, mdns, musl, notmuch, NTPsec, pass(1), python-lj, QEMU, rb-inotify, s3cmd, Sinon, Status, Terragrunt, transifex, uClibc, util-linux, V8, vcsh, VLC, Wayland, Wireshark, wmii