A wager is a useful tool for intellectual honesty: debating is cheap if nothing is at stake, and self-imposing financial incentives makes for a better quality of thinking.

ASI in Go

Go automatically inserts semicolons.

I believe that Go grammar and mandatory use of gofmt make ASI safe to use in Go, unlike some other languages.

To disprove that a real bug in real Go codebase caused by ASI has to be demonstrated.

The codebase in question should not be created solely for the purpose of winning this wager, IOW the bug should be real and not a contrived example. The best way to demonstrate that is to point to a commit that fixes a bug introduced due to Go ASI.

  • Can be claimed by: anyone
  • Wager sum: USD 100
  • Claimed: no
  • Date: 2018-06-13+